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Commonly Asked Questions FAQS

Here are some common questions that we get asked by potential clients of our various building projects, if your question isn't here feel free to contact us, details opposite

General FAQs

Can you do the whole project?
Yes of course, we can project manage your home improvement to ensure the process is as stress free for you as possible. All our work is carried out to Local Authority Building Regulations.
At the very start we will meet with you and discuss your personal requirements in detail, ensuring the final results are to your specifications.

Do I have to pay up front?
NO; we work on an arrears basis, you only pay for the work completed and the materials used at regular intervals; agreed in payment terms at the start of the build houses

Who monitors your work?
The Local Authority Building control department visit at various relevant stages of the building works and sign off the required elements, they have the right to make extra requests if they deem it necessary. On completion Building Control pay a final visit to confirm that all works have been carried out to their regulations. 2-4 weeks after that visit you will receive a ‘certificate of completion’ for the works carried out to your property. View Thurrock Council's planning services

Loft & Garage conversions

Do I have to get planning permission?
Not always; Planning permission isn’t always necessary, however it is always advisable to check with your local planning office, but all loft conversions require building regulations.

How much will a loft conversion cost?
The price can range vastly; from £15,000 - £40,000+ depending on the size, type of property, level of specification and your individual requirements.

How long does it take to complete?
Anything from 6 – 12 weeks depending on the size, type of property, specification and your individual requirements.

Is there a minimum roof height?
Generally 2.6m (9ft) at the highest point, however it is possible to raise the ridge height in some properties.

How big will my loft room be?
This will depend on the style of your house and roof, an approximate size can be given after survey.

Can you fit my bathroom?
Yes; bathrooms are commonplace in loft conversions, as long as the plumbing is allowed for and the planning is carried out correctly it is no problem.

Can I have built in wardrobes or drawers?
Yes; this is often a good use of space in loft conversions, we can discuss your requirements and the design with you and provide an estimate.

Where will the stairs go?

Generally they tend to go above the existing staircase but this can vary as they are custom made and depends on the design and layout of your property.

What if I have water tanks in the loft?
Water tanks can be moved to a new location freeing up space or you can change your system so that a water tank is not required.

Will I require steels to re-enforce the structure?
Possibly; depending on the location of existing load bearing walls, structural calculations may be required.

Can I convert my garage into a room?
This is becoming an increasingly popular method of extending the living accommodation in a lot of properties and is fairly straightforward you need to check with your local planning office for permissions required, as current building regulations have guidelines; e.g. Insulation required for habitable spaces etc.

Will I have to move my gas/electric meters in the garage?
Yes; this can only be carried out by your utility provider, you will need to contact them to arrange this, notice may be necessary with some suppliers.

How long will it take?
A single garage conversion can take between 3-6 weeks although this will vary depending on your specification.

My garage is detached from the house; can I still have a conversion?
YES; if it’s over 5metres from the house, it’s counted as an outbuilding and as such is not included within your `permitted development rights`.


Do I need planning permission?
Not always, there is such a thing as ‘permitted development’ (within a certain size in relation to your property). Although Planning permission is relatively straightforward to obtain with appropriate drawings submitted to your local planning office, guidelines state a decision usually has to be made within 8 weeks.

How long will it take?
This varies depending on the access, size, scale and specification of your extension, but can be between 6 -16 weeks.

What if I already have planning permission?
You can get started; planning permission is valid for 3 years. As long as the work starts within 3 years of the application date it is usually valid, check with your local planning office for regional variations.

Can you fit my kitchen?
Yes; absolutely we can also provide it if you require, we have trade accounts with a number of kitchen suppliers and would be happy to help you receive their design service as well.

Can you match my existing bricks?
Yes; we use a company who provide a free brick match service.
If your brick has been discontinued they will obtain the best possible match.
The new brick may look newer/cleaner at first but they tend to ‘weather in’ reasonably quickly.

I have a rendered finish can you match it?
Yes; this is a relatively straightforward finish and blends very well after a fresh
coat of paint.

I have a pebble dash exterior can you match it?
Yes; again this is straightforward and will require a period of time for the new pebble dash to ‘weather in’ to match existing.

Can you match my existing roof tiles?
Yes; we have a tile match service, in most cases we can get a good or exact match, sometimes using reclaimed tiles if necessary.

Can you match my existing windows / double glazing?
Yes; our double glazing supplier can generally match what you already have.

Can you replace my existing fascia, soffits and guttering?
Yes we can; this can be carried out at the same time as your roof works or double glazing installation.

What is a soak away?

A soak away is a 1 cubic sq m hole dug in the ground approx. 6 metres away from the property a drainage pipe runs from the house to the soak away allowing the rainwater to disperse into the ground. After it is back filled and covered over with your usual landscaping.

What type of footings do I need?
Footings vary and are sometimes based on the original construction of your property or current surroundings; your drawings will specify this or building control can advise you.

What is permitted development?
Certain types of home improvements can be carried out without applying for planning permission.  Examples: a porch up to 3m², certain conservatories and in some cases a single storey extension.  If your property has already been extended in some way you may have used some of your ‘permitted development rights’. We recommend that you contact the Local Planning office for confirmation of your rights. In most cases Building Regulations will still be applicable.


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